Asgaard Packaging has always endeavoured to bring the most comprehensive range of packaging solutions to market, with an emphasis not only upon introducing quality, proven products - but also creating cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Needless to say, our product range has expanded over time but we couldn't resist sharing some of our favourites:

  1. Saco Vitta Branded Food Bags

    The simplest of ideas are always the best! Our range of SacoVitta bags are perfect for use in supermarkets, butchers and delicatessens to keep produce fresh for longer. They are also a great method of re-enforcing your business brand – we can design and print these bags in accordance with your brand guidelines. What better way to promote your brand than wrapping your quality product with quality packaging?

  2. Cookable Fish Bags

    Cookable Fish Bags

    We’re big fans of fish dinners at Asgaard Packaging. However, we know that not everyone likes to handle fish. These innovative fish bags allow the cook to pop the package straight into the oven or microwave – no mess, convenient and flavoursome!

    The unique property of this bag allows you to cook in either way to give a perfectly finished product. All types of fish and prawns can be cooked in this bag which allows it to cook in its own juices to enhance the flavour and texture. Once the fish has been sealed in the next time you have to touch the product is when it is on your plate. The bag is fully sealed so there are no lingering smells or mess when you cook and even when microwaving you do not need to pierce the product.

    The bag comes with full cooking instructions on the outside so all you have to do is follow them for a perfect fish meal.

  3. Printed Shrink and Vacuum Packaging

    This type of product has gained in popularity over the past number of years. And here at Asgaard we can see why…

    The result displays the product wonderfully, allowing the consumer to see the texture and colour of the product to best effect. And we recognise that as a packaging technique, it affords the opportunity to create some eyecatching design.

  4. Biohazard 95kPa Bags

    Asgaard Packaging are proud to announce their continued expansion of the Sirane product range.
    Sirane are market leaders in the supply of medical consumable products and we will be stocking their extensive range designed for all sectors of the medical and pharmaceutical sector including the Bio Hazard 95 kPa specimen transportation bags.

  5. Shrink Films

    We love them because of their versatility!