Antibacterial Cool Bags

This reusable cool bag has the added peace of mind of an antibacterial inner layer. Its main use is to transport frozen or chilled, perishable food safely. With the addition using an antibacterial, the cool bag retains this extra protection for life.

Earthpouch Bags

The Earthpouch bag offers an environmentally responsible packaging solution for both dry and moist product.

Hot Water Dip Tank

Asgaard's DT35 and DT45 easy-to-use, yet functional dip tanks are semi-automatic machines for heat shrink packaging by submersion in hot water.

Automatic Inline Belt Vacuum Packer

The Automatic Inline Belt Vacuum Packaging machines are particularly versatile and as such are well suited to inclusion in combination with a shrink tunnel or automatic packaging lines.

Automatic Inline Tray Sealers

Ideal for dairies, catering, food producers and large production lines, our automatic commercial vacuum sealer is designed to seal and package trays of food produce of any type and shape. It is suitably versatility to handle small or large sized cheese, cuts of meat, seafood, fresh pasta, fruit and vegetables and single portions in general.

Vacuum and Gas Tray Sealers

Innovative thermosealing machines to seal trays perfectly and vacuum pack products, even in modified atmosphere. Suitable for use in catering, delicatessens, butchers, dairies, food producers.