Asgaard's Fish Bags are convenient and a great way to cook a healthy meal

Cookable Fish Bags

The cookable Fish Bag offers the ultimate in cooking convenience for the home cook, while also giving the fish counter a neat packaging solution.


Asgaard Packaging is proud to offer the innovative microwaveable and ovenable Fish Bag. The unique property of this bag allows you to cook in either way to give a perfectly finished product. All types of fish and prawns can be cooked in this bag which allows it to cook in its own juices to enhance the flavour and texture. Once the fish has been sealed in the next time you have to touch the product is when it is on your plate. The bag is fully sealed so there are no lingering smells or mess when you cook and even when microwaving you do not need to pierce the product.

The bag comes with full cooking instructions on the outside so all you have to do is follow them for a perfect fish meal.

Why not add ingredients, sauces or vegetables before you cook so that you can keep all your flavours in to make a perfect meal. The bags are the perfect way to cook healthy tasty food in the fishes own oils. Why not contact us as soon as possible and be ahead of the shoal. Get your fish in this unique bag and get added value for the products you sell.