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  • Shrinkwrapped Circuit Board
  • Shrink wrapped multi-pack of diaries

Cryovac Impact Multi-Purpose Shrink Film

The most versatile and reliable shrink film on the market with the largest spectrum of applications.

Overcome some of the toughest packaging problems using Cryovac® Impact™ shrink film  withot compromising on merchandising appeal. The Cryovac® Impact™ films are ideally suited to packaging multipacks, pack-ons or irregular shaped items such as homeware products, toys or hardware products.

There is not need to choose between a strong film and quality optics, Impact™ films offer both high strength and superior optical qualities. Its exceptional tensile strength can even generate cost savings for you, by offering the opportunity to use thinner gauges.

Product features:
  • Most versatile film on the market
  • Abuse and puncture resistant
  • Excellent for multipacks
  • Strong seals and package integrity