• Transporting live lobster
  • DriFresh transportation sheets for fresh seafood
  • Sea bream packed with a SeaFresh pad
  • SeaFresh pouch with a salmon on ice

Fresh Seafood Transportation

Whether transporting fresh seafood or live crustaceans and shellfish, we have the right solution for your transportation requirements.


We supply a range of products specially designed to ensure optimum freshness during the transportation of both fresh and live seafood. We realise that transporting live shellfish and crustaceans such as lobsters and oysters demands the highest of standards to ensure that such high-value produce arrives safely and in excellent condition.

These sheets are ideal for transporting fresh or frozen fish. The ultra-absorbent mats absorb excess liquid, while lining the boxes.

Product features:
  • From port-to-processor, from processor-to-store
  • Keeps fish clean and ready to process
  • Pouches absorbing up to 6 litres
  • Available in standard blue or white colours