• greaseproof bags and wrap for fresh meats
  • greaseproof bags and wrap for deli products
  • greaseproof bag and paper
  • greaseproof bag and paper

Greaseproof Papers and Wraps

Our range of greaseproof papers and wraps offer versatility of use at both deli and butcher counters, yet proving to be a cost-effective packaging solution.

Our range of greaseproof papers are ideal for take-away and deli-counter use. Sandwiches, hamburgers, fried foods and chips are best served with our 40g papers and bags, which are great for packaging the food quickly and the diner will enjoy eating your produce without getting greasy hands.

The smart window bag displays your products to best effect. Consider a custom-printed option to ensure that your name or brand is visible to other prospective customers. These bags are also environmentally friendly since its two basic components – paper and film – pull apart easily so materials can be collected separately for recycling.

If you are handling fresh meat, then you’ll recognise that this highly perishable foodstuff can release a lot of juices, so it needs suitable packaging. Our wrap is the optimal packaging solution, keeping the fresh meat’s pH values stable for up to 7 days after purchase and holding the fold really well to make wrapping quicker and easier. This wrap’s special composition creates a barrier against external factors that damage the food and hence allows the product to keep the flavour, fragrance and texture for days to come.

Alternatively, by using our fresh preserver bags at the butcher counter, you can benefit from the hygienic composition of our wraps, but in bag form. In addition to keeping all the meat’s juices and odours safely inside, the bags can be heat sealed to ensure ultimate food hygiene. The water-repellent kraft paper exterior means it can easily be handled even with wet hands.

For salami and other dried sausages, on the other hand, the perforated flavour window bag is the perfect solution, allowing the food to breathe while providing hygienic protection, in part thanks to the option of heat sealing the bag, which takes less than a second. It keeps both chilled counters at the store and the fridge at home perfectly clean while allowing consumers to enjoy the full flavour… down to the very last sliver!