• SacoVitta Kraft food bag with 'keep it fresh' message
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Keep It Fresh Food Bags

Emphasise your product quality with our pre-printed SacoVitta food bags. Neat packaging combined with high-quality print will re-enforce positive product image.

Offering all the hygienic properties and food-handling advantages of Saco Vitta bags, this off-the-shelf deli-packaging solution ships with the ‘Keep it Fresh’ message. The brown paper appearance creates an attractive yet cost-effective option, which gives a sense of quality artisanal food produce.

If you wish to discuss options with regard to this product, contact one of our representatives who will be happy to assist you.

Product features:
  • Bags are available in two sizes 250mm (wide) x 300mm and 360mm (wide) x 300mm
  • May be printed on both sides
  • Inner face has the option of a transparent film to display your produce