• sample vacuumed cook-in bags containing both meat and vegetables
  • chef with a cook-in bag containing beautifully cooked chicken
  • cook-in bags being pulled from the oven on a hot tray

Oven Cook-In Bag (Optibake)

Create excellent cooking results with the hygienic, easy-to-use, oven cook-in bags from Asgaard are suitable for products containing meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Also now available in thermoforming rollstock.

Perfect for products containing proteins such as meat, fish and poultry as well as vegetables and convenience foods. The Oven Cook-In Bags are ideal for handling and cooking products flavoured with marinades, spices and sauces.
Once a certain pressure is reached in the pack, it opens automatically in the oven, allowing the browning process to begin. The food browns in the pack and the aromas are retained.

Product Features
  • Easy preparation­—the food product can be cooked in its packaging in the oven or the microwave
  • Taste—the quality of the food produce is maintained in the package during the cooking process
  • Vacuum packaging prevents freezer burn and loss of flavour
  • Reduction in cooking time
  • Maximum retention of vitamins and minerals
  • Reduced use of salt
  • Excellent cooking results—achieved through uniform heat transfer to the food, and meat products remain tender and have a uniform consistency
  • Easy to open after cooking
  • Handling of raw products is eliminated
  • The excellent barrier properties of the film material ensures an extended shelf-life of the packaged food
Product Sizes
  • Standard size—30cm x 30cm
  • Available in any custom size
  • Some sizes held in stock
  • Now available in thermoforming rollstock