• Specially vented bag for oven or microwave cooking
  • Cooking bag used for roast root vegetables

Oven & Microwave Cooking

Oven cooking packaging solutions including steam cooking bags and oven-ready nylon food packaging.

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Asgaard Packaging supply a diverse range of products designed to simplify the cooking process, reduce the amount of food-handling and aid the attainment of consistent cooking results.

SiraCook Bags

Consumer friendly packaging, where food handling is kept to a minimum, no need to transfer from pack to tray; it’s the uncomplicated way to cook or simply heat-up meat, fish and vegetables.

SiraVent Bags

Allows food to be heat-sealed in a bag which can be simply ovencooked or microwaved straight from chilled or frozen in the food’s original pack. A central vent opens during cooking, allowing the steam to escape but ensuring all sauces stay within the pack.