• Absorbent ovenable board
  • DriFresh ovenable display board

Ovenable Display Boards

Absorbent boards combine excellent appearance and built-in absorbency to present chilled, raw and cooked food in the best possible way.

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The boards are available in metallised gold and silver and a variety of absorbencies for any application. Excessive natural oils and juice inherent in the food are soaked up by the absorbent layer, but the food is not drained of oil due to the unique valve type perforations in the barrier

Ideal for smoked fish and meat as well as fresh chilled foods such as whole salmon sides and game, these boards are great for vacuum-packed foods, or flow wrapping. Enchances pack presentation on the shelf.

Product features:
  • Pack dividers and spacers
  • Ovenable carton board packaging
  • Absorbent ovenable carrier boards and inserts
  • Custom pack designs