• SC-50 Hydraulic Piston Sausage Filler
  • Removing the piston from a hydraulic piston filler
  • Speed controller for the hydraulic piston filler

SC-50 Sausage Filler

The SC-50 model Sausage Filler available from Asgaard is a robust and easy-to-use piece of meat processing equipment, which offers reliable performance.
From €5995.00

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The SC-50 model hydraulic piston, stainless steel sausage filler is available from €5995.00.

  • 50 litre capacity
  • Fixed barrel
  • Cover and piston in stainless steel
  • Strong construction, all stainless steel
  • Equipped with three straight horns in 12, 20 and 30mm diameter sizes
  • Hands-free operation through use of conveniently located knee lever to control stuffing action
  • Motor 400-230V / 3ph / 50-60Hz