• Vacuum packed meat ready for sous vide
  • Bacon joint cooked sous vide, then roasted to finish
  • Vacuum packet meat ready to sous vide
  • Opticook boil in the bag meat submerged in a pot of water.

Sous Vide / Boil in the Bag (Opticook)

Take advantage of the cooking method favoured by many of the world's top chefs!

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Cooking Sous Vide

It sounds like a magic word: “Sous-Vide”, low-temperature or simply vacuum cooking. Fish, meat, vegetables or fruits are vacuumed and then carefully cooked at low temperature – sometimes for a period of more than 24 hours. Incomparable aromas and textures – easy cooking to the point without cooking losses. The resulting food quality cannot be attained using other cooking techniques. Therefore, some of the world-wide best chefs swear by this method of cooking.

Food is always kept juicy and fresh

Due to the low cooking temperatures significantly less liquid escapes from the product when cooking in the vacuum bag and drying out prevented. The liquid remaining in the product acts as a flavour enhancer by which the taste is enhanced. Furthermore, the original shape of the product is maintained. Thus, meat and other products are always juicy and fresh.
Freshness, Colour, Appearance and Vitamins are maintained until consumption of the food!
Thanks to the protection of the vacuum packaging and the little heat supply, vitamins and natural nutrients are maintained. The vacuum packaged food can neither dry nor oxidize and it is even possible to intensify its natural color. Since the air is taken out of the vacuum bag in which the product is stored, the food is considerably longer-lasting.


Everywhere where food can be spoiled quickly, the usage of vacuum packaging is necessary. All kinds of food can be taken care of, including meat, home-made ready meals, soups, sauces, cheese, vegetables. Basically anything you want to make for a longer shelf-life and no weight or aroma loss. The vacuum packaging is hygienic and attractive and suitable for sales. Above all, for storage, vacuum packaging is the most important requirement!