VS 400 Free-Standing Machine

1 x 410mm Sealing Bar
Max Pouch: 400 x 600mm

An economical floor-model vacuum packer suited for use in restaurants, catering, supermarkets and industrial production.

Free-Standing machine with 410mm sealing bars.

  • Chamber Size: 420 x 585 x 180mm
  • Sealing Length: 400mm
  • Sealing Bar Length: 410mm
  • Maximum Pouch Size: 400 x 600mm
  • Outer Dimensions: 500 x 725 x 1000mm
  • Maximum Height (with lid open): 1400mm
  • Weight: 105kg
  • Vacuum Pump: 21m3/h; alternatively 40m3/h
  • Voltage: 400V 50/60Hz
  • Electronic ZS11 control system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pneumatic sealing
  • Double sealing
  • Electronically controlled cut-off sealing with cool-off
  • Stainless steel chamber and housing
  • Plastic filler plates
  • Transparent high lid for monitoring the packaging process
  • High-performance vacuum pump
  • ZS11 controller
  • Quick abort button

Additional options available with this product include:

  • Inert gas system
  • Plastic filler plates
  • Inclined insert plate for packaging liquid products
  • GreenVAC connection
  • Gas manometer / pressure regulator
  • Gas bottle bracket
  • Wear parts set