Food Solutions

Asgaard Packaging provides a comprehensive array of products designed to make food preparation simpler, more convenient and giving consistently good results. The range of bags, trays, pads, liners, films and pouches cater for many different but very specific tasks, but if you’re unsure about which product most meets your requirements don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.

Greaseproof Papers and Wraps

Our range of greaseproof papers and wraps offer versatility of use at both deli and butcher counters, yet proving to be a cost-effective packaging solution.

Greaseproof Paper Bags

Our kraft paper greaseproof bags are available plain or printed are perfectly suited for takeaway products.

Cookable Fish Bags

The cookable Fish Bag offers the ultimate in cooking convenience for the home cook, while also giving the fish counter a neat packaging solution.

Fresh Seafood Transportation

Whether transporting fresh seafood or live crustaceans and shellfish, we have the right solution for your transportation requirements.

Anti-Fog Shrink Film

Our anti-fog permeable shrink films have superior strength, machineability, pack integrity and merchandising appeal.

Sira Crisp Range

Asgaard Packaging offer a range of crisping boards, films and boxes to ensure you produce deliciously crispy food every time.

Oven Ease Cook-in Bags

Eliminates pre-cook preparation - just place the product in the oven and cook while doing other things.

Liquid Pouches

Stand-up pouches suitable for a range of liquid products, printed to create an eye-catching presentation.

Ovenable Display Boards

Absorbent boards combine excellent appearance and built-in absorbency to present chilled, raw and cooked food in the best possible way.

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