Food Solutions

Asgaard Packaging provides a comprehensive array of products designed to make food preparation simpler, more convenient and giving consistently good results. The range of bags, trays, pads, liners, films and pouches cater for many different but very specific tasks, but if you’re unsure about which product most meets your requirements don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.

Tuffhold Bone Protection Material

BoneGuard materials combine excellent strength with ease of use and a range of grades to reduce the number of leaks caused by sharp bones.

Oven & Microwave Cooking

Oven cooking packaging solutions including steam cooking bags and oven-ready nylon food packaging.

Tray Dividers

Our tray-dividers, boards and sleeves combine excellent appearance and flexibility to present food in the best possible way.

DriFresh SoftHold Pads

SoftHold pads provide the ultimate protection for soft fruit.

DriFresh Resolve Pads

Ideal for display counters or meat packs, this fully bio-compostable absorbent meat pad eliminates discolouration for red meats in standard MAP meat trays.

Saco Vitta Counter & Vacuum Bags

Our counter bags offer an effective means of product presentation. Ideal for delis, fishmongers, butchers, cheesemongers & more and printable with your brand.

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