Retail Products

Greaseproof Papers and Wraps

Our range of greaseproof papers and wraps offer versatility of use at both deli and butcher counters, yet proving to be a cost-effective packaging solution.

Greaseproof Paper Bags

Our kraft paper greaseproof bags are available plain or printed are perfectly suited for takeaway products.

Branded Deli Paper

Printed deli-paper is a cost-effective method of enhancing brand profile, while at the same time keeping your produce in good condition.

Keep It Fresh Food Bags

Emphasise your product quality with our pre-printed SacoVitta food bags. Neat packaging combined with high-quality print will re-enforce positive product image.

Smoked Cooking Bags

The award winning and innovative smoked cooking bag has been an instant success.

Crepe Paper

Simple but versatile, crepe papers are always useful to have at hand.

Branded SacoVitta Bags

Elevate your brand profile by using customised printed SacoVitta food bags. Use the smart, neat packaging combined with high-quality print to re-enforce the positive sentiment towards your produce.

Kraft Papers

Versatile and cost-effective means of keeping your product safe.

Steam Cooking Bags

Our steam cooking bags are suitable for the oven or microwave. They offer simplicity of cooking and sensational taste as all the flavours are sealed in the bag.

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