Sacovitta Food Bags

Saco Vitta keeps food fresh for longer (up to 8 more days).

Shelf life can be extended by up to 8 days more for Cheese, Meat, Fruit and Deli products. Tested by the National Centre for Food Technology (CNTA – Laboratorio del Ebro), reference laboratory for Food Safety and Technology.

Keep It Fresh Food Bags

Emphasise your product quality with our pre-printed SacoVitta food bags. Neat packaging combined with high-quality print will re-enforce positive product image.

Branded SacoVitta Bags

Elevate your brand profile by using customised printed SacoVitta food bags. Use the smart, neat packaging combined with high-quality print to re-enforce the positive sentiment towards your produce.

Green Saco Vitta Bags

These food bags are re-sealable which makes them a great way of storing the produce as well as being a smart packaging solution.

Blue Saco Vitta Bags

Being freezable, hygienic and leak-proof, these food bags are a perfect solution for packaging fish.

Red Saco Vitta Bags

For use in butchers, delicatessens and many other types of food outlets. They're perfect for raw or cooked meats, cheese and more.