Shop Machinery

We supply everything from small table-top machines, suited for use in shops, restaurants and hotels to industrial packaging solutions.

Gourmet Vacuum Packers

Our stainless-steel professional packers, are extremely flexible in their use. Their technical features have rendered them essential to pack products ranging from sauces & liquids, meat, fish, vegetables etc in several fields of activity: from restaurant to gastronomy, catering, supermarkets.

Asgaard TWS45CR Tray Wrapper

The TWS45 stainless steel table-top hand stretch overwrapper is easy to use and ideal for supermarkets, butchers and deli-counters.

Asgaard LS20 L Sealer

The LS20 L-sealer is a table-top sealing machine is ideal for bakery and deli products giving clean seals without the need for expensive Teflon covers.

Asgaard PC2000 Pizza Capper

The PC2000 pizza capper is perfect for sealing fresh in-house pizzas, with adjustable heat control allows it to work with all pizza capping shrink films.

Asgaard Tray Sealer

Typically found in supermarkets, local butchers and grocers shops producing ready meals, fresh and cooked meats, fish and vegetables.