Shrink Film (General Use)

We understand that both merchandising appeal and product protection are critical. Our shrink packaging materials and equipment offer exceptional solutions to a wide array of applications. Explore our extensive range of shrink wrap films for all types of products.
Our experienced staff will help you to identify the optimum materials and systems to ensure specific packaging benefits based upon the unique requirements of the application. Please contact us to avail of a demonstration of these great products!

Anti-Fog Shrink Film

Our anti-fog permeable shrink films have superior strength, machineability, pack integrity and merchandising appeal.

Opti Shrink Film

A range of multi-layer, heat-sealable and food-approved shrink films, especially developed to cater for most shrink applications.

Cryovac D-955

The perfect solution for small to XXXL applications for packaging inventory reduction.

Cryovac CT301 Easy to Use Shrink Film

A light-weight film, but offers heavy-weight performance.

Cryovac Impact Multi-Purpose Shrink Film

The most versatile and reliable shrink film on the market with the largest spectrum of applications.