Shrink Bag Packaging

Asgaard are proud to offer the Cryovac® range of tough, multilayered shrink bags. They offer excellent shrink properties, safe seals, high mechanical resistance and good clarity to many perishable fresh or frozen food products, such as sub-primal meat, smoked and processed meats, poultry, fish, cheese. Cryovac® heat treatable shrink bags and casings are designed for vacuum cooking and pasteurisation, cook and chill or cook-in / ship-in applications of processed meats and poultry products.

Printed Bags

Enhance your branding with attractive designs printed directly onto the shrink bags.

Poultry Packaging

Asgaard offer films with a proven track record for vacuum packed poultry.

TBG Bags

We offer films specifically designed for use with bone-in products.

Cryovac BB3055 Bags

Multipurpose shrink bags, available in a wide range.