Thinking Cooking

Asgaard Packaging are proud to offer the Thinking-Cooking range of products from Sirane. These retail products aim to making people’s lives easier in the kitchen – without sacrificing on flavours.

The products ensure that the the quality of the food, with respect to taste and nutrition, is maintained. From cooking bags to potato bakers, all our products will significantly enhance the quality of your food. Our BBQ/Oven Bags offer an easy way to create a meal sensation, whatever the weather.

The product range includes:
BBQ & Oven Bags
Steam Cooking Bags
Slow-Cooker & Crock-Pot liners
Fat Traps
Potato Bakers
Roasting Bags
Fruit & Veg Bags

Smoked Cooking Bags

The award winning and innovative smoked cooking bag has been an instant success.

Steam Cooking Bags

Our steam cooking bags are suitable for the oven or microwave. They offer simplicity of cooking and sensational taste as all the flavours are sealed in the bag.

BBQ & Oven Cooking Bags

We offer Sirane's range of Thinking Cooking retail packs of barbeque and oven bags - they allow the home-cook to cook meals to perfection.